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Downloads & Reviews

bhi product Reviews:

Radcom NES10-2 UK (210 Kb)
Radio and Communications Australia (289Kb)
Hear-it speaker December 2004 (322Kb)
Radcom NES10-2 and SGC comparison November 2005
Megahertz Magazine (French) NES10-2 and NEIM1031 January 2004 (165Kb)
Southgate ARC competition winner NEIM1031 review
Shortwave magazine NEIM1031 UK (40Kb)
Hastings Repeater Group NEIM1031 (RADCOM December 2003) (184Kb)
ESR NEIM1031 Australia (1.1Mb)
US CQ Inline moduleDecember 2004 (322Kb)
NEIM1031 review - Southgate ARC competition winne
Radcom NEIM1031 Review March 2004 (49Kb)
Radcom NEDSP FT-817 UK
Short wave Magazine NEDSP1061 December 2003
Shortwave magazine NEDSP1062 review April 2005
ANEM review Mike W2 AJI
QST ANEM review
RadCom february 2007 radiomate review

Radcom reviews Copyright RSGB. Republished from
RadCom with permission of the RSGB

Independent Review by Stephen Newlyn VK5VKA


Other bhi documents:


NES-5 (119Kb)
NES10-2 MK II (140Kb)
NEIM1031 (140Kb)
NEDSP1061 (53Kb)
NEDSP1062 (123Kb)
ANEM Noise Away (750Kb)
NEIS intercom system (1.1Mb)
NNTDSP.001 (130Kb)
1042 Switch Box (92Kb)
General information (119Kb)
Noise Cancelling Headphones (231Kb)
NEIM1031 mounting stand (57Kb)
FT-817/FT-857/FT-897 Keyboard
Noise Eliminating marine speaker NEMS (514Kb)
Noise Eliminating marine module ANEMAR (457Kb)

Operating Manuals
NES-5    (100Kb)
NES10-2  (100Kb)
NES10-2 MKII (355Kb)
NEIM1031 (130Kb)
1042 Switch Box
NEDSP1061 manual (133Kb)
NEDSP1061 - KBD generic manual (1Mb)
NEDSP1062 - keyboard manual (1.4Mb)
NEDSP1062 - pcb version manual (1.1Mb)
NNTDSP.001 (864Kb)
ENC-1 (522Kb)
ANEM Noise Away operating manual (236Kb)
ANEMAR Noise Eliminating Marine Module (154Kb)
NEMS Noise Eliminating Marine Speaker (185Kb)

RF breakthrough. Help sheet 1 (94Kb)
RF breakthrough. Help sheet 2 (28Kb)

Company brochure
Company mini flyer
bhi product installation examples diagram
bhi amateur radio line card

RoHs and WEEE statements.
bhi RoHs and WEEE statement.
bhi WEEE Dis-assembly information

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

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