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Which product do I need?

bhi DSP noise cancelling products will greatly improve the voice quality in the majority of most radio & voice communication systems and equipment.

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The NES10-2 MKII DSP Noise Eliminating Extension Speaker is our most popular product and connects into the extension speaker socket or headphone socket of your equipment.  There are 8 filter settings selected via a dip switch, a power on/off audio bypass switch on the bottom and a top mounted DSP on/off switch. The unit has a combined input level/volume control knob on top and a 3.5mm mono headphone socket on the side. The speaker requires 12-24DC unregulated and comes boxed with a fused DC power lead and full instructions for use (a 12V DC unregulated ‘wall wart’ power supply is available as an optional extra).  This robust unit is suitable for both base station and mobile use.
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NES5 – Exactly the same as the NES10-2 MK II, but is a basic “plug & go” Noise Eliminating Speaker with a fixed level of noise cancellation (Typ -20dB) and no headphone socket.
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NEIM1031 – DSP Noise Eliminating In-line module –  This module connects between your receiver or transceiver and extension speaker. It provides all the DSP filtering facilities of the built-in electronics in the NES10-2 with the added facilities of front panel input and output audio level controls, DSP filter level, plus switched line (fixed level) and audio (high level) input selections. Phono sockets are provided for line input and output, with 3.5mm jack sockets for speaker-level input and output. A headphone output socket is also fitted; this usefully disconnects the output speaker audio but not the output line audio when headphones are connected.  This module is also suited to commercial applications like cleaning up and processing noisy voice recordings. It requires 12-24DC unregulated and comes boxed with a fused DC power lead and a 3.5mm audio lead, plus full instructions for use. A 20Watt extension speaker LSPKR, and a mounting stand, 1031-STAND are available as optional extras. 
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NEDSP1061-KBD Noise Eliminating DSP PCB Module – Integrates directly into the low level audio of your receiver or transceiver giving you excellent DSP noise cancellation and superb speech intelligibility. 4 levels of DSP selection and DSP on/off are available via a small pushbutton interface keyboard. The module is supplied with Generic Instructions and fitting guides for the FT817, TS50 and Icom 706 MK II G. There are 3rd party instructions available for the Yaesu FRG100, Realistic DX-394, Alinco DX-77 and the Kenwood TS440. 
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NEDSP1061-PCB Noise Eliminating DSP PCB Module – This module is a basic DSP module without the pre-wired keyboard/push buttons. It is more suited to commercial applications like ‘Hands Free’ car kits, covert surveillance, intercoms and CCTV where the module can be fitted into the microphone path to remove noise from the transmit/source end or fitted into the receive path.  
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NEDSP1062-KBD Amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module – This module incorporates an on board power amplifier and has an integral microcontroller connected to a small keyboard assembly. The microcontroller and keyboard provide single button operation of all the module’s functions. The module can be retrofitted into the speaker path of extension speakers like the Kenwood SP31, Yaesu SP8 and Icom SP20/21/23, or used to ‘revive’ your old receiver/transceiver by fitting the module into the speaker path of your equipment (space permitting).  The module is supplied with Generic Instructions, a fused DC power lead, fitting kit and specific fitting guides for the Kenwood SP31and Yaesu SP8. The module is easier to fit than the NEDSP1061-KBD.
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NEDSP1062-PCB Amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module - This module incorporates an on board power amplifier and is a basic module without all the pre-wired connections of the KBD version. This module is fits in the high-level audio/loudspeaker path and is more suitable for commercial applications and new designs. Connections are on a 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch allowing the module to be easily integrated into almost any system. The DSP operation can be preset or remotely controlled from the PCB connections.
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ANEMThis unit is a compact, easy to use stylish in-line module, and simply connects in between the communications equipment and extension speaker.  The module is suited to those customers who prefer and in-line unit with simple controls and operation whilst still being able to benefit fully from the superb bhi DSP noise cancelling. It also offers a solution for customers who do want to modify their existing extension speaker and fit the NEDSP1062-KBD. The ANEM is easy to set up and its functions are microprocessor controlled, enabling simple operation via two pushbuttons: power on/off audio bypass and DSP filter on/off. 4 or 8 levels of noise cancellation are selectable via the pushbuttons on power up, the last selected filter level remaining in the memory when the unit is switched off. It comes boxed with a Fused DC power lead (2.1mm) and a 3.5mm mono plug lead 1.2m long, plus full operating instructions, and Velcro strips are provided for mounting the module in a suitable position on your extension speaker or radio equipment.
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