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Product Support & FAQ’s
If you have any technical questions or would like advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Feedback -Listen to what our customers are saying

Q. What does the fourth DIP switch do on the back of the speaker?
A. Nothing. It is reserved for future expansion.

Q. Does the speaker work with SSB transmissions.
A. Yes. The speaker will work with any signal that contains speech.

Q. What adjustments do I need to make during use?.
A. None. Once the NES10-2 is configured to your own personal settings no further adjustments should be necessary (see
user guide for details).

Q. Can I use a switch mode power supply with the speakers.
A. No. The speaker should be used with a linear power supply.

Q. The transmitted signal can be heard through the speaker.
A. Try the speaker on a separate power supply. If this fails see our RF feedback     helpsheet.


Q.How set up the speaker?
A. Plug into the equipment, connect the power and switch on.


Q. The transmitted signal can be heard through the module.
A. Try the module on a separate power supply. If this fails reduce the input level potentiometer on module. Refer to your operating manual on how to do this.

Additional Help

bhi have published the following documents to answer any further questions you may have.

Help Sheet 1 (94Kb)
RF breakthrough.
Help Sheet 2 (28K)
RF breakthrough - power supply

Documents require Adobe AcrobatTM

Flow chart:

RF breakthrough flow chartClick for Helpsheet 1Click for Helpsheet 2
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