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Demo Sound Files

How does it work?
What can it remove?
Sample sound files

How does it work?

Using the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology the bhi range of noise elimination products, will remove unwanted background noise and interference to leave only the speech.

The DSP processes the signal and differentiates the noise from the speech. This unwanted noise and interference is then attenuated to leave only the speech

The DSP technology is fully adaptive and no adjustments are necessary. The signal is constantly monitored, and the DSP automatically adapts to any changes in the signal conditions.

What can it remove?

Noise can come from two areas

  • Transmitting end
  • Transmission process (interference)

Transmitting noise source.
This type of noise is picked up by the transmitting microphone and passed along with the speech signal to the destination, for example:

    Road noise
    Engine noise
    Wind noise
    Crowded environments
    Machinery and equipment

Transmission noise (Interference)
This type of noise is added to the transmitted signal on route to the destination, for example:

    Poor reception conditions
    Other transmitted signals

The bhi range of noise elimination products can remove both of these types of noise without significantly altering the speech signal.


  • Amateur radio
  • HF, VHF, UHF communications
  • Marine communications
  • Surveillance, security and video
  • CCTV
  • Emergency services
  • Military and covert communications
  • Audio restoration
  • Transport communications
  • Hands free kits


Sample Sound Files.

Click on the buttons below to listen to the sound samples.


Click to play


In-car recording at 70mph.

In-Car noise

Radio interference

20m SSB

Click to play

Before and after samples. In these samples the noise cancellation is switched on and off during playback.

Click for sound sample
Click for sound sample

Speech and diesel engine

CAT scanner treatment room

Click for sound sample

Interference from a plasma TV

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