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About bhi

bhi Ltd are a UK based company who design, manufacture and distribute a range of noise cancellation products that remove unwanted background noise and interference from noisy communication channels. Aimed at a number of different radio related and voice communication markets, the products all incorporate unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
technology to enable clear communications in noisy environments.

Founded in 2002, bhi quickly came to market with their first noise cancellation product, the NES10-2 DSP noise-eliminating speaker. Other products soon followed as bhi rapidly established a worldwide distribution network for their products in 17 countries. They now have a comprehensive range of noise elimination products and accessories for a wide range of applications and markets. A design service is also available to help customers integrate bhi’s DSP noise cancellation technology into their own products.

Products are manufactured in the UK under the IS09001 quality standard. The UK manufacturing facility has modern electronic assembly and test equipment along with a fully equipped machine shop, and all bhi’s products are shipped worldwide from this location. By utilising all these facilities in one place, it allows bhi to bring their products to market quickly and efficiently to high quality standards.

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Our Markets:


It can be very difficult to understand what is being said when calling or communicating from a noisy environment. bhi’s noise cancellation products will integrate into most voice communication systems to greatly reduce this inherent problem. The products will remove the unwanted background noise and interference, whether it originates from the transmission process, or is picked up from the environment by a microphone. There is a solution to suit most types of radio and voice communications equipment: There are noise elimination speakers that fit into the base station or mobile environment, in-line noise cancelling modules that can be integrated into the communication system, or noise eliminating pcb modules that can be retrofitted internally into existing equipment or designed into new products. The products work just as well in the microphone path, on the transmit side, or in the receive path, and can be used to clean up noisy voice recordings.

Typical Applications:
Emergency services communications
Covert communications
Military communications
Audio restoration and clean-up
Transport communications
Hands free kits
PMR & trunked radio
Amateur radio
Commercial HF,VHF,UHF communications
Marine communications
Surveillance, CCTV and security
Intercoms - Medical and Barrier to Gate house

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bhi have been a member of Sussex Enterprise for over 4 years

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