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NEDSP1061-KBD - New Feature - 4 or 8 filter levels - selectable on power up

  • Features:
    Fully adaptive noise cancelling
    Minimum distortion to audio signal
  • Noise cancellation 11 - 35dB
  • 4 / 8 user selectable noise cancelling levels
  • Single button operation with LED and audible indication
  • Wide audio bandwidth for natural sound
  • Input and output level adjustment
  • Beep level adjustment
  • Input overload indication LED
  • Last used DSP level stored in memory
  • 5 - 15VDC operation

Four wires are used to connect the module in circuit.

  • Audio In
  • Audio out
  • 0V
  • Power

Level controls are provided for input level, audio output level. The module features an overload LED on the audio input to give visual indication of the correct signal level.
The volume level of the beeper can be adjusted to suit.

Module layout.

More information is available in the operating manual. Click the link below to download in PDF format.

Order code: NEDSP1061-KBD Price 97.82 Incl’ VAT + p&p


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Download installation manual iss D

Product reviews:

Click here to download datasheet

Download Installation manual - page order

Reprints of independent reviews of the NEDSP1061. (reproduced with kind permission of the publishers)

Radcom (UK)

Short wave Magazine (UK)

Requires Adobe AcrobatTM.

Versions of this module are available for fitment into Amateur Radio and SWL receivers/tranceivers. More information can be found on the bhi Amateur radio website. or by following the links below.

Icom 706 MKII G
Icom 736/738 fitting

To NEDSP1061 Basic PCB

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Alinco DX-77
Yaesu FRG-100
DX-394 fitting
Yaesu FT897D fitting

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