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NEDSP1061-PCB - Low Level Audio DSP Module.

  • Features:
    Fully adaptive noise cancelling
    Minimum distortion to audio signal
  • Suitable for OEM applications
  • 8 user selectable noise cancelling levels 9 - 35dB
  • Noise cancellation can be preset on PCB or remotely changed
  • Wide audio bandwidth for natural sound
  • Input and output level adjustment
  • Input overload indication LED
  • 5 - 15VDC operation
  • Remote noise cancellation on/off
  • Small size 28mm x 36mm x 12mm.
  • Fits in Microphone path or at line level

Mounting options.
By using standard 0.1” connectors the module can be mounted in a variety of orientations.
The module can be plugged into another circuit board, or connectors. Four fixing holes are also provided.

Level controls are provided for input level, audio output level. The module features an overload LED on the audio input to give visual indication of the correct signal level

NEDSP1061 connection options

The module is inserted into the path of the noisy audio signal, either at line level audio or in the microphone path (preamp might be required as min level is 50mV rms).

A typical circuit is shown below.

More information is available in the operating manual. Click the link below to download in PDF format.

Download more information in PDF format.

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