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Low level pcb modules

NEDSP1061 PCB Modules:
The 1061 pcb modules are designed to be fitted in the low level audio path, either in the receive path, before the audio amplifier, or in the microphone path (a microphone preamplifier may be needed to get the correct input level for the 1061 module >50mV). Two versions are available below, allowing the module to be easily designed into new equipment, or retro-fitted into to existing products.

DSP PCB Module.

The NEDSP1061 pcb module is a small versatile solution for adding noise cancellation into a wide variety of applications.
Connections are on a 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch which allows the module to be easily integrated into almost any system.
DSP operation can be preset or remotely controlled from the PCB connections.
Small size 28mm x 36mm x 12mm.

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Single button operation DSP module - Now with 8 filter levels!

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The NEDSP1061-KBD employs the same DSP technology as the basic PCB module. In addition it has an integral microcontroller, connected to a small keyboard assembly.
The microcontroller and keyboard provide single button operation of all the module’s functions. The button switches the noise cancellation on/off and changes the DSP noise cancellation level
In addition the unit stores the last used DSP level, so when power is reapplied the unit will default to the last used setting.

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"This module can be easily fitted into Amateur Radio and SWL receivers/tranceivers. More information can be found on the bhi Amateur radio website. or by clicking on the links below. The generic manual contains fitting information for the Icom 706MKII G, Yaesu FT817, and Kenwood TS50, as well as information for general installation. There are third party installation guides for the following radios: Yaesu FRG100, Kenwood TS440, Icom 736/738, Alinco DX-77 & Realistic DX394"

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(This link takes you to the bhi amateur radio web site where more information on installation can be found.)

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Requires Adobe AcrobatTM.

NEDSP1061 Performance table:


Noise reduction

Tone reduction













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