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Waterproof speaker

Noise Eliminating Marine Speaker

The NEMS is a stylish waterproof DSP noise cancelling speaker that removes unwanted background noise and interference from noisy marine communication channels, leaving clear intelligible speech.  Poor voice communications whilst on the water will be a thing of the past.

The NEMS is suitable for use with marine HF SSB, and VHF radios, and requires a 12 to18V DC supply voltage. Simply plug it into the extension speaker socket at the rear of the radio, to enable crystal clear radio communications.

The NEMS uses unique DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to clean up noisy signals, and is fully adaptive to any changes in interference and background noise levels.

The speaker is supplied with an integral DC power lead, and a 3.5mm audio plug lead with bare ends, 1.2 m long. Optional audio leads and adapters are available to suit most radios.

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Order code: NEMS Price 156.95 Incl’ VAT + p&p


  • Superb DSP noise cancelling
  • Removes unwanted interference, hiss, hash, static etc
  • Power on/off noise cancelling bypass switch
  • Greatly reduced heterodynes on HF SSB
  • Easy to install
  • Simple connections
  • Fully Waterproof to IP65
  • Supplied with stainless steel corrosion resistant brackets
  • Spring loaded speaker wire connectors
  • PP mica injection cone with TPU surround
  • Corrosion proof silicone coated terminal wire
  • UV stabilised and corrosion proof and acid/alkali resistant mesh
  • Stainless steel hardware to ensure complete freedom from rust
  • Size 185mm x 95mm x 100mm

Order codes:

NEMS – Noise Eliminating Marine Speaker
1030-EXLE - Audio extension lead, 3.5mm mono plug - 3.5mm mono socket 1.2m long

1030-EXLE3 - Audio extension lead 3.5mm mono plug - 3.5mm mono socket 3m long

ALD-006 – Optional 5 metre audio lead, 3.5mm mono jack plug to bare ends

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