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NEIM Stand

Mounting Stand for the NEIM1031

NEIM1031 mounted horizontally in the stand
Mounting stand

The 1031-STAND is a quality stand made from high impact clear acrylic for mounting the NEIM1031 Noise Eliminating In-line Module. The NEIM1031 simply sits vertically or horizontally in the stand allowing you to see and operate all the controls much more easily.

If you wish to use headphones with the module, you can plug them straight into the “Audio Output” socket (make sure you turn the output level down before you listen to headphones).

The stand comes boxed and includes Velcro strips for mounting the NEIM1031 more securely to the stand. This is particularly useful if you wish to use the module with an extension speaker and headphones as it enables you to raise the module in the stand allowing access to the “Headphone Socket”as in the middle right hand picture (apply the velcro to the lower half of the NEIM1031 and the upper part of the stand so that it doesn’t show when the NEIM1031 is mounted).

Order code: 1031-STAND
Price 9.95  including VAT + P&P
Optional Extras:
1031-108D – Horizontal label
LSPKR 20Watt extension speaker
A full list of optional extras and audio adapters for the NEIM1031 can be found on pages 21 and 22 of the NEIM1031 user manual.

NEIM1031 mounted vertically in the stand
Headphones being used in conjunction with the stand
NEIM1031 mounted horizontally in the stand


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