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ENC-1 pcb Module

Echo and Noise Cancellation DSP Board.

The bhi ENC-1 board provides DSP noise cancellation and echo cancellation on one small compact circuit board. A block diagram of the board is given below. In addition to the on-board echo and noise cancellation features, the bhi ENC-1 board provides a Residual Echo Suppression Circuit (RESC) to suppress residual echo which may occur in cases of non linearity in the audio path or if the microphone and speaker of a hands free application are very close together.

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Block Diagram

Block diagram of the ENC-1.


  • Echo Suppression 40 dB (max.)
  • Suppression of signals with an echo path delay of up to 128ms
  • Noise Suppression 9 - 35dB
  • Single ended analogue inputs and outputs
  • Industry standard digital audio Interface
  • Input and output levels

The bhi ENC-1 is ideally suited to a number of applications where noise and interference give rise to poor voice communications. Suitable applications are Amateur radio, commercial, military and emergency service communications systems and intercoms and hands free applications. The boards can be connected into the microphone path or the receive path of Recording equipment, CCTV, door entry intercom systems, removing unwanted background noises, like the sounds of car engines, road and wind noise and the sounds of generators and machinery etc.

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