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Desk paging microphone
Noise Cancelling Desk Paging Microphone dpm_lgelayer3_ikon

with DSP noise cancelling option

Preamplified Single and Two Zone DPM 102B, DPM 202B

PRO-SERIES desk paging microphones incorporate a range of advanced specification features to accommodate the modern requirements of high intelligibility sound systems.

Key Features

1. Pre-announcement ‘gong’; switch selectable, this enables individual paging microphones within a system to prelude announcements with a simple, but attention getting, gong sound.

2. Paging sound level indicator, comprising a VU scaled composite 3 l.e.d. array. This facility will provide reassurance of correct use to the announcer by displaying optimum sound levels and overload. Combined with the benefits of automatic proximity bass cut and sound level limiting, announcements will always be more clearly heard.

3. Provision for plug-in digital signal processing (DSP) technology for automatic background noise level reduction.

4. ‘Soft gate’; noise free, microphone audio activation and closure l PRESS TO TALK button/s physically protected against accidental use.

5. ‘Speak now’, or system in use LEDs: installer option

6. Electronic or VOX access receptive, to match host amplifier facilities

7. Provision for local or remote powering

8. Long line, 0dBm 600R, output, optionally available at ‘microphone’ level by on-board switch selection

9. Elegant, basalt grey, top, satin silver base; anti-slip feet – no sliding off desks

10. The standard capsule is moving coil (see technical specification); electret and noise–cancelling microphone capsule options to special order (Contact us for more information).

Order code: DPM 102/B Single zone with 600R line pre-amplifier 165.00 (exluding VAT)

Order code: DPM 202/B Two zone with 600R line pre-amplifier 179.00 (exluding VAT)

Order code: PRE 600/P PRE 600 Microphone to line pre-amplifier in secure housing, wall or desk mounting. 75.00 (exluding VAT)

DSP noise cancelling “plug-in” option:
Optional DSP "plug-in" noise cancelling module available to remove unwanted background noise picked up by the microphone during announcements - Preset noise attenuation of up to 30dB.
Order code: DSP350. 99.00 (exluding VAT)
This plug-in module will Increase the difference between unwanted background noise and speech announcements, even when the noise is very loud. Fully adaptive to changing environmental conditions.
Plugs into DPM 102/B, 202/B.

Order code: PSU 24V* EU/UK plug top power supply for DPM102/202 , 1.25A capacity. Add /EU or /UK to Order Code. 45.00 (exluding VAT)

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