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Bluetooth Headsets

B250 VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior
Professional Grade Wireless Bluetooth Headset

B250 VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior Bluetooth Headset
B250 VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior Bluetooth Headset - Retail Packed

The B250 VXI BlueParrott RoadWarrior is a professional grade wireless Bluetooth headset. This product includes both the vehicle accessory charging cord and an AC Power adaptor

This new enhanced version of the B150 has the same great noise cancelation qualities, now with 10+ hours of talktime and over 66 feet of range. The BlueParrott Headset works with any Bluetooth enabled device including mobile phones and computers. Simply pair the BlueParrott headset with your TalkSafeTM for 2-way radio, mobile phone or computer and you'll be able to be handsfree and wirefree!

The noise cancelling microphone on the B250 VXI BlueParrott RoadWarrior effectively blocks out road, engine and background noise. High grade components ensure professional quality audio. The “gooseneck” microphone boom stays in place to ensure precise positioning. The concave ear cushion helps block out the sounds around you so you can hear the other person better.
Say goodbye to wobbly over-the-ear headsets! The over-the-head styling is stable, lightweight and comfortable. The ear cushion is slightly cupped for a better fit and the adjustable headband won’t slip out of place.

* Compatible with Bluetooth mobile phones, TalkSafeTM for 2-way radio & bluetooth computers
* Premium noise cancelling microphone blocks out engine, road and background noise
* Concave ear cushion for improved fit and sound
* Superior speaker volume
* Optional leatherette ear cushion included
* Volume, mute, call answer/end / PTT
* Up to 66 ft. range (certain environmental conditions can affect range)
* 10+ hours talk time
* Up to 100 hours standby time
* 128-bit secure digital encryption
* Includes vehicle and AC charging cords - UK & EU versions

Backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty.

UK version
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Price: £78.25 Incl’ VAT + p&p

EU version
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Price: £78.25 Incl’ VAT + p&p

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"I was driving my truck on the highway going about 65 mph when my BlueParrott headset fell out of the window. I exited the highway and made my way back to retrieve the headset. Not only was the headset in one piece but it continued to work perfectly! An 18-wheeler’s engine is loud, but the BlueParrott headset’s noise cancellation is so good that people say I sound like I’m sitting in my living room when I’m actually driving down the road. I’ve been telling everyone about your headset." - Haroon Khan, Marysville, CA

My fiancée is a truck driver and this has been the best product that we have bought yet. Great for noisy environments. - Jada Burgoyne, Carmel, ME

This is my 3rd Bluetooth headset and the ONLY ONE that I'm satisfied with. I drive a big rig. This is not an environment where many headsets are usable due to high levels of background noise. My VXI BlueParrott Headset effectively handles the background noise here. I've had people comment that I seemed to be in a quiet place when I was climbing a grade a full power. I'm very happy with this product.  - Richard Otten, Sacramento, CA

I wore mine while riding my motorcycle... I have a full windshield on my motorcycle. I can ride my motorcycle with
the headset ON and it stays in place. I can answer my phone while riding at any speed and hear the person on the other end perfectly. They can hear me just fine up to 30 mph. At 35mph and beyond the wind noise on the other persons side is too annoying to continue the conversation but they can still hear me. Nobody ever knew I was on my motorcycle. No engine or traffic noise EVER came through my microphone to the other parties! That is freaking amazing. Even when I first started my bike up with the choke on my boyfriend on his cell never knew I started it up. ... Blue Parrott proved itself to be the best headset EVER! K. Nix

My husband has a small trucking company and, from time to time, he covers a load for a driver. When he's behind the wheel of a semi, conversations are difficult for both of us because we can't hear each other over the road & engine noise. I searched the Internet for a "trucker-recommended" headset, hoping to find a solution. The top 3 recommendations were for the BlueParrott, so I took a chance and ordered one. 

This headset is terrific!  My husband tested it while standing a few feet from a mechanic who was grinding steel with a hand-held grinder. The headset turned an unbearably loud sound into a very faint, soft, sound that wouldn't have been noticeable if I hadn't been listening for it. I even had to ask him to lower his voice because, instinctively, he was shouting to be heard over the sound of the grinder.  Speaking in a normal tone, his voice came through the headset very clearly. I spoke in a normal tone, and he heard me clearly through the headset, even with the grinder right next to him. Needless to say, we are both impressed. I've posted your product information in the drivers' lobby with a recommendation for the drivers to check it out if they're tired the kind of call quality they're getting over the headsets they currently use.  Thank you for your time and this great product. - Sherry S., Greenwood, IN

I drive a diesel truck to jobs sites then grind metal with various grinding machines. This B 250 BlueParrott works flawlessly. No one knows I am using a blue tooth nor can they hear the back groung noise! I have tried 2 different Motorolas including the H12, and 2 different Jawbones. I have talked to other blue tooth users and I get the same opinion: They are just okay. I have to talk to important clients all day to maintain business dealings; with all other blue tooths I used, I had to stop what I was doing to talk, and 70% of the time I had to switch over to the phone because of bad sound quality. With this B 250 the sound quality is as good as when I am on a land line! Don't believe me, just try one! I couldn't believe it either. After I started using this blue tooth I quickly got tired of asking people how I sounded because the answer was always the same, perfect (even with a lot of back ground noise).
I own an LG 8600 phone and the voice commands work flawlessly also. I can go over two days of constant phone calls without a charge which is nice. I have walk approx. 30 feet from my phone during a call without any distortion (have not tested the claimed 66' yet; what more do you want).
I just hope this product lasts a long time. Even if doesn't I'll buy another because I have to have a blue tooth that actually works.

I had a jawbone prior to this and it had a lot of background noise. This is by far the best bluetooth around, my wife use to have a hard time hearing me when I was diving in my truck, but the first time I called her using the blueparrot she thought I was still in the office on the land line. Everyone I talk to comments about how clear I sound

Great product for a great price; love the fact the accessories (ac charger, auto charger, etc) also included with this product. Fast shipping. Cuts out background noise and gives complete hands-free use of phone. It's the only bluetooth headset my husband has liked ( and we have tried several!)

I purchased the BlueParrott B250 after trying a BlueAnt Z9i. My friends say there is no comparison. The BlueParrott B250 wins in a landslide. It is true that no one thinks you are using a headset. I drive a loud tractor trailer for UPS and the sound quality is stunning. It is not for wearing while walking around or being at the gym. It is a tad bit heavy, but worth every penny.

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